About Paramdhaam

Paramdhaam.com is a site developed in India with the help of Several Acharya Living in Rishikesh, Haridwar and New Delhi. We are thankful to the Honorable Mananacharya and to Mr. (LATE) H. H. Wade for their help and sponsorship in establishing this site. Sh. Mananacharya is a philosopher who has a deep knowledge of Astrology and spiritual subjects, and Mr. Wade a writer and student of Advaita philosophy. 
We are also thankful to Sh. Sarabjit Singh (Programmer Analyst)  and Mr Ashish Kahol (Programmer Analyst)  for their untiring work in creating the astrology package, which is based on calculations provided by Sh. Mananacharya. The text was written by Sh. Mananacharya and Acharyya Satyanistha of Haridwar, India. 
For bringing out an understanding of the mystic world and knowledge, Vedic Astrology, and ancient literature, and for making translations from Tamil, Sanskrit, and other Indian languages, we remain thankful to friends and teachers of various schools of Vedic Astrology. 
As English is not the native tongue of everyone involved in the Paramdhaam project, you may find some mistakes in language. We ask your patience and guidance in helping us rectify any text that you do not properly understand. 
Knowledge related to the mystic world that helps solve life problems is our aim. As it is a continuous process, you will from time to time see updates of the site. Also, as technical aspects are completed, we will be adding automatic features, such as place of birth which will be implemented as soon as the data base of countries is completed. Vastu, a text related to earth, symptoms of plants, and environmental effects, is also under preparation. Our promise is that we will not rest until we bring out for you the best knowledge by which human life may be improved.

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