Vastu as mentioned in Various Samhita of ancient Texts of India.

Vastu is the ancient Vedic knowledge that describes the construction of houses, villages, towns, and states. In ancient times, the first text on this subject was written by Sage Maya, who learned it from Lord Agatsya, the founder of Dravidian Civilization. Lord Agatsya laid the foundation of education, language, arts, science, architecture, farming, research in agricultural, and arms development. In north India he is recognized as the Rishi (Heavenly blessed Scholars) and teacher or Lord Ram, to whom he gave arms and taught fighting techniques and organization of the army. With the help of Lord Agatsya, Lord Ram organized and built an army and fought and won against King Ravana. Sage Maya (Who build the City called Lanka, as written in some texts) also developed the astrological system of Dasa and Maha Dasa and the calculation of Longevity, which he probably also learned Lord Agatsya. The first Vastu text was written around 500 BC during the time of Buddha. 

The text "Bahrat Samhita" by Sage Varah Mihir is one of the first efforts to collect the scattered texts of this subject. Other Sanskrit texts include the "Vastu-Ratnaavali" and "Bahrat Vastumaala", both of which are regarded as authenticated collections of Shlokas (short Sanskrit verses usually recited much like a Mantra). 

It is said that one should recite the following Vastu Purush, before beginning any construction: "Oh, keeper of all buildings on earth, where everyone is a simple visitor, and you the only one who owns all construction, I pray that you please accept our regards, and bless us that this our house may remain auspicious, and that our deeds, as well as all coming generations, may have your blessings."

According to one Shloka, "the family is a prayer or Havan, and for each family holder his prayer becomes complete only when he is able to build his own home, where he can live peacefully and with pride along with his family." 

The eldest member of a family is most effected, good or bad, by the construction of a house. Then, other members of the family are affected, and finally citizens and neighbors. As Vastu is closely related to the persons living in the house, especially the head of the family or the main earning member, the house must be considered in relation to that person's horoscope. If the son is the main earning member and the father is also living in the home, and the home has not been built by the son, then the father should be considered as the head of family. 

Before going into deep in Vastu, we wish to give some very light text, which can introduce you with many saying or some time they are also known as myths or something like that. We do not wish to give force to fear in human heart, but keeping away from such text will be injustice and such ignorance enhances the fear in us. 

Following are a few considerations, which should be taken into consideration when building a house so that problems will not arise. They have been translated by Hon. Mananacharya and are intended to give a taste of the knowledge of Vastu. 

While building a new house never use old wood or old material as it will bring a malefic effect of Saturn onto the owner.

When repairing an old house never throw away all the material which is taken out, such as brick or soil or wood, but mix some of it with the new material. It will keep the away the malefic impact of Saturn.

Generally the Eastern facing main entrance is regarded as very auspicious. However, if Saturn in the horoscope of the head of family is placed in 3rd house, it will ruin the 3rd generation's luck and the third generation will suffer some problem with children.

A half buried stone or electric or telephone pole on the property gives a lot of health problems and financial setbacks to the head of the family. Half buried stones means, a stone about half of the height of a person and buried more then half in ground and less then half is above to the ground. 

Avoid to make, new window in the dark room, if it is in the southern part of your home, as it can bring serious health problem to children. Making window does not impact negatively when it is made before occupying it.

If your main entrance faces South, and Mars and Saturn are in the 4th, 6th 8th or 11th house or your horoscope, it will good for you to sell the house and acquire some northern facing home. Or you must change the entrance. Otherwise it can bring a very serious health problem to you. If you do not wish to sale it or change the entrance, then keeping silver things in home reduces the negative impact of southern door. According to one saying keeping soil made monkey (small one) also reduces the negative impact of southern door. 

Never purchase a house which has the main entrance facing an approaching road or lane, it can give serious occult problems to members of the family. Tantric or mystic impact of negative kind of cosmos is also known as occult problem.

If the main entrance to your house faces west, create a small wall 3 inches high at the entrance so that the plain of inside home and out side home can get a break. Such thing also know as Dheleez or border of room and it is made just at the door. Depression, fighting, and poverty will remain away from your family.

If Saturn is in your 5th house, you will never feel satisfied in your own home. Thus, put your home in your son's name, so that the house address is reflected in his name.

The bedroom for the head of the family should always be in the northeast corner of the house.

So that food poisoning will never effect any member of the family, the kitchen should be in the south end of the house.

If the kitchen is in the northwest direction, keep only a little crockery there, although electrical appliances may be kept there. Ignoring this will increase one's expenses, and remedies will never work in favor of the head of family.

Serpentine stairs from one floor to another will bring health disorders and poverty to the family. 

Never allow wild pigeons to make their home inside the home. It is inauspicious and members of the family will leave the house.

Keeping broken wooden material on the roof will bring a halt to your business or work, and the head of the family will not receive the benefits of his labor.

A green roof will bring a halt to one's business or work, and the head of the family will not receive the benefits of his labor.

White is the best color for a roof. For a study room, light blue or cream is best. For the bedroom, cream, light blue, or light pink is best.

For children, painted drawings on the wall are best. Paper drawings sticking or glued on the wall are not good in children's room. 

Drawings of fire arms, hunting, or ocean storms on a wall reduces the will power of male family members.

Sleeping below a roof joint or beam can give permanent migraine headaches.

Spider webs in the house will bring health problems to the family.

Metal rods inside each corner of the house save it from seismic damage.

If the house is located in the plains or near hills, or in any desert place, give a round shape to each outer corner of the house. outer corner means 

Never build a solid brick or wooden wall outside the house higher than the bottom of a window. If you desire a high wall for security purposes, then use an iron grill on the wall. 

To shield the owner against mental stress, keep the roof water tank on the eastern side.

Never keep a big iron box or trunk or cabinet touching the eastern or northern walls. Instead, keep them in the southern or southwestern side.

If Saturn is your 2nd house, then you are free from any structural malefic effect as described by Vastu, and you will never feel any malefic effect of a wrongly constructed building.

If you are the first occupant of a house, keep a bucket of water in the home for one night. The next day, throw the water outside the house (boundary of House, it is having boundary) only then move the family into the home. It will shield you from any malefic effect of the vacant house or being the first occupant.

Never forget to create a corner for God, either on the eastern or western side of the house. Always pray there or bow your head when passing it. If you pray by lighting a candle or some Deepak (DEEPAK means soil made candle in which oil and a thread is used for lightening) then the southwest corner is best. 


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